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The Future of Wellness at Work

It’s no surprise that companies are starting to embrace wellness strategies for their employees in the workplace. Healthy living is now very much a lifestyle choice, but employers have also realized that a happy employee is much more productive and likely to stay longer with the company.

So what are the 5 main wellness trends that are slowly finding popularity in the workplace in 2020 and how are they expected to develop in the future?

1. Work Gyms are sprouting up in many corporate spaces, encouraging staff to get away from their desk and catch up on a bit of physical fitness. While larger companies can make gyms a permanent fixture, smaller firms are integrating personal trainers into the 9 to 5, helping employees to get into the fitness mindset.

2. Healthy eating initiatives are an effective way in which companies are making their staff feel “looked after”. From healthy options in staff restaurants to vending machines offering whole- some snacks, eating well is a hot trend! In-house weight-management programs will also gain popularity, with employee incentives to reach their personal targets!

3. Corporate coaching is definitely on the rise as employers realize the importance of creating a ‘feel-good’ workplace culture. One-to-one coaching helps individuals to decompress and group sessions build up mutual understanding and team spirit: both types of coaching will become even more commonplace in the future.

4. Healthy desk options have been filtering into the corporate scene over the past few years, with large multi-nationals seeing the benefits of standing desks, which have been shown to improve mental performance and productivity. This trend is advancing to treadmill workstations, as well as other office design options, including exercise balls instead of chairs, anti-fatigue mats and ergonomic telephone headsets & keyboards.

5. Fitness challenges and contests which appeal to our competitive nature such as office marathons are popping up in many businesses and are a fun way to embed wellness into the workforce psyche. Gamification rewards team members and nurtures team-building while bringing physical benefits. Bike-to-work schemes will also continue to rise in popularity as we become even more eco-conscious.

Greater emphasis on the work/life balance is changing how we now live and shifts to remote & flexible employment options are creating a whole new wellness culture that can only bring great benefits to all!

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