• Wendi Ellis


Original Novel

She could play it cool and chit chat. But what was the point of that? It would also seem dishonest to do so; when their relationship had always been based on sincerity. Jose, for his part, was very aware of Clara's anger, for she had exhibited it often in their lastly conversations before they drifting apart. He couldn’t stand the idea of being criticised by her and preferred not to engage in any discussion about their relationship. He was tired of feeling accused of indifference and had no appetite for laying down the ground rules over and over again.

If Clara could not accept the circumstances as they were, then he had no desire to be castagated by her. She had taken the sweetness out of everything and turned it into a sour drink that he could not swallow. He had kept in touch with her but had begun to feel like an idiot when she did not reply. His perception was that her frustration was unjustified, although he was in none position to change how she felt.

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